Custom Amps


Jonesy custom amps are handwired turret board/eyelet board construction using the best available parts.

All resistors are typically at least twice the recommended value to provide longer (Cooler!)  lasting performance.

Capacitors are sourced from Mallory, Sprague, F&T and selected for tone and performance.

Transformers are sourced from Heyboer, Hammond, Classic Tone, Mercury, Pacific, etc and are selected for optimal performance/price.

Connectors are manufactured by Switchcraft or Cliff.

Tubes are to personal taste. I often use JJ’s because they are reliable and tend to perform well. I have used most other brands at the request of the customer or due to know performance qualities.

Speakers – Celestion, Eminence, JBL, Electrovoice, Carvin, Jensen, WGS, Weber – again, to customer taste.

I also operate a recording studio where you can test your new amp in a real world environment.

Let us know what you are thinking you would like! We’d be honored to make it a reality!

You know you are Jonesing for a Jonesy!