Jonesy Amps started back in 2006 when a long lost friend contacted me to talk about the custom guitar amps I was building. At the time, I hadn’t even considered building my own amps. What a great idea! I had an Electrical Engineering background and the idea of building my own amps suddenly seemed like something that I would really enjoy!

After about 3 months of research, I decided to build an amp. It was a clone of a Marshall 18w amp. I started with a bare aluminum chassis, then I bought a bunch of parts from Hoffman Amps. I give full credit to Doug Hoffman for launching my obsession. If I hadn’t had such a great experience doing business with him, I probably would have quit after building my first amp!

Today I am building amps primarily to order but occasionally because I think a certain style amp will be cool. I have built British style 18-100watt amps, American amps from 5 watt to 100watt, High Gain amps, and a few completely custom amps.

I have recently been playing around with Praise and Worship style amps (power scaling, switchable cathode/fixed bias, custom stained wood cabinets, etc). I should have a series of P&W styles amps out soon. Please check back!

And remember, I can build amps “Cheap, Great, or Fast – Pick two”!


You know you are Jonesing for a Jonesy!